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About Us

LAPD is one of the best Police Departments in New Mexico and has a standard for excellence being Internationally Accredited through CALEA. LAPD's employees are on duty to protect life, property and environment of Los Alamos County.  We do this by giving the best quality of service possible.   We believe in our vision and mission of the Police Department.  



For our community to be free from crime and the fear of crime.



The Mission of the Los Alamos County Police Department is to provide quality pro-active law enforcement services to our community that promote an atmosphere of safety and security for both our residents and visitors while protecting the rights and guarantees provided under the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of New Mexico.


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Our Story

Los Alamos was a secret city that was established during WWII to develop the first atomic Bomb.   This secret city housed scientists and military employees throughout the war, ultimately developing the bomb that ended WWII.    During this time law enforcement fell under the military.   After the war, the town was more formally established with law enforcement under the control of the Atomic Energy Commission.   In 1968, the incorporation of Los Alamos was established.   This act leads the city to give all law enforcement capabilities to the Los Alamos County Police Department.   The Sheriff’s Department is still around but has limited functions such as the sex offender registry.  


Below are the patches through out the year of the Los Alamos Police Department


Our Department

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