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Animal Control

The Los Alamos Animal Shelter continues to provide high-quality care for the animals in their care. The Staff at the Animal Shelter love animals, and it is easy to see that from the care they take for every animal at the shelter. The Los Alamos Animal Shelter works tirelessly to ensure that every animal is given much-needed enrichment, exercise, and socialization. This is possible in no small part due to the wonderful group of volunteers at the Los Alamos Animal Shelter.



The staff at the Animal shelter strive to make the shelter a happy and fun place for our citizens and animals. The staff at the Shelter love these animals and truly enjoy their job, and it shows. Some of the staff duties include cleaning the shelter areas, transporting animals to medical appointments, ensuring animals are fed, enrichment with the animals, and handling surrendered, reclaimed, or adopt animals.


The shelter provides all medical needs and testing along with conducting behavior tests on animals prior to adoption. To prevent adoption for breeding purposes and to reduce the animal population, the Animal Shelter only adopts spay and neutered animals. The Shelter arranges the fostering animals for both short and long-term needs, socializing animals, advertising, and adopting animals from the shelter as well as several off-site adoption events.  Employees ensure erichment is done for the animal 

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