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Our Detention Officers manage the intake, transportation, and release of inmates. Supervised by Jail Administrator Hilario Salinas, the facility has a maximum capacity of 32 inmates, and has separate housing pods for male and female inmates, as well as separate Court Housing and visitation rooms.


Detention Officers

The 16 full-time Detention Officers perform all tasks eliminating the need for outside vendors. The facility has a full-service laundry room, multiple showers, an outdoor recreation room, a weight room, and a library.  Detention Officers conduct transports to court hearings and are trained in numerous skills and task to assist with their job.


In addition, programs provided in the Detention Center provide opportunities for inmates to get drug and alcohol counseling, attend anger management classes, and prepare for their GED. These programs help strengthen an inmate’s ability to succeed upon release and would not be possible without the efforts of volunteers. For some inmates, a work release program is allowed to help the community with work.  Our Detention Officers supervise the inmates during these events. 

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