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Police Officer

The Los Alamos Police Department has 39 sworn Police Officers. We really embrace the aspect of community policing which is part of the reason we have such great relationships with our community members and our citizens which we serve.   This highlights our on-going service to the community through the adherence to professional standards and operational excellence. This commitment has resulted in continued historically low crime rates and a 96% positive feeling of safety for Los Alamos residents in the latest community survey. Additionally, the Department was re-accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)in March, achieving 100% compliance to applicable standards as we have in each of our five previous inspections.

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The Operations Section is comprised of four Patrol Shifts.  Each shift is comprised of six sworn Law Enforcement Officers to include one Patrol Sergeant.  Two shifts are day shifts; A and C teams, and two shifts are night shifts; B and D teams. 


Patrol officers respond to approximately 15,000 – 20,000 calls per year, handle 1,000 case reports per year, and conduct approximately 200 state reported accident investigations annually. 


Criminal Investigations 

The Criminal Investigations Section is also within the Operations Section.  CID is comprised of 4 detectives, one of which is a Sergeant.  All detectives undergo further specialized training in the following areas; evidence collection, undercover drug operations, interview & interrogation, cell phone forensic data collection, and specialized training related to death and homicide.  CID measures success on clearance rates for assigned cases.  The Operations Section understands the   importance of partnering with the community in a Community Policing model.  Our Section is dedicated to follow-up on all reported criminal activity, suspicious circumstances, and community concerns to enhance the quality of life for our citizens and visitors.


Community Liaison

The Los Alamos Police Department’s Community Liaison Unit (CLU) consists of officers that are assigned to schools serving as school resource officers (SRO’s). These SRO’s work within the schools partnering with school staff to help establish a safe and friendly learning environment. (SRO) serve at Los Alamos Middle and High Schools, and respond to the elementary schools as needed. Calls for service included bullying, harassment, social media threats, runaways and parent and school requests. Official calls for service only represent a small portion of the activities and responses in which officers assisted Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS) personnel.

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